News and Updates:

New! (6/11/06) I've just added a project page: Serial Multiplexer Project -- check it out under the 'electronics' section. This page covers a 'serial multiplexer' to read multiple sensor data signals simultaneously using a PIC microcontroller, by combining the serial data signals into one serial data signal into the computer.
New! (5/4/06) I've just added a project page: Electric Griddle Surface Mount Reflow -- check it out under the 'electronics' section. It explains how I used an electric griddle to solder surface mount components (even a leadless package) on a project I'm working on.


SmallBot - If you're looking for blueprints to build a small autonomous robot, check out my SmallBot plans.

SMT Reflow this page explains the steps I took using an electric griddle as a surface mount soldering station.

Serial Multiplexer details my project combining serial streams coming from multiple sonar modules into one serial line into the main computer (for processing)

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